Benefits of Using Used Kneeling Chair

When you use a used kneeling chair for the first time, it might feel awkward and discomforting, which is quite usual after being seated in the usual office chair. Your body would require time to get adapted to this new seating practice since your muscles and bones would be habituated to being seated in a single position. After this, it’s quite usual to feel uncomfortable while trying the kneeling chair and you might face certain amount of stiffness.

It is therefore suggested to begin using your kneeling chair for 30 minutes on the 1st day, followed by increments of half an hour daily for the initial weeks till you can be comfortably seated in it for a span of 8 hours in a day. After getting used to the seating posture in the second hand kneeling chair and the various paybacks it offers you, it would eventually become unforced, and appear entirely natural. The advantage of using a used kneeling chair is you can try out different types and select one that is most suited to you. Also, the investment in a 2nd hand kneeling chair is considerably less than new one. You can get kneeling chairs cheap by scanning the personals or garage sales in your local newspapers.

There are numerous models of used kneeling chairs- few provide back-rests whereas others offer a rocking movement. But, all inspire a person to be seated in an open pose. In a traditional office seat, you usually sit perpendicular, whereas a kneeling chair which is ergonomic encourages being seated at an angle of 110 degrees. The advantage of being seated in an open-angle position is that it leads your back towards your usual arch, and relaxes any compression in your spine along with the discs and lower back. It releases leg muscle tension too. One more advantage of following a kneeling seating posture lies in the efficient movement of your diaphragm which promotes healthier breathing and circulation of blood.

It is essential not to be fooled by the name of the used kneeling chair. You would want to take most of the pressure off your knees and shins since it causes soreness and health concerns. The weight should mostly be carried by your bottom like it would be in an office chair; the knee-pads only offer support to your shins. Being seated on the seat pad of your kneeling chair followed by descending your knees in the knee pads creates a kneeling position that is the best. Retaining your original office chair is good in the beginning. After getting a kneeling chair for the first time, alternate between the kneeling chair and the office chair while you begin to get acquainted with your new seating experience. Few people prefer continuing to alternate between both the chairs even after some time, which is absolutely usual.

Finally, it depends on the person-whether he thinks that a kneeling chair might suit his needs or not. Trying out the used kneeling chair will not hurt, particularly if you’ve been searching for a way to release back pain or even if you would want to test another way to sit.