Bulova Ladies Watches – Exquisite Art In Timepieces

Artfully hand-crafted, with crystal and diamonds embedded, Bulova ladies watches are designed to make a woman feel beautiful and special. The radiant smile on her face is in large part due to the timepiece she sports on her wrist. But to call Bulova Ladies Watches mere ‘time pieces’ would be unfair. In reality, they are treasured pieces of jewelry, fit to adorn the wrists of society women and celebrities.

Bulova watches are perfect for all ladies, of any age. They are comfortable, attractive and durable. Bulova ladies watches come in many different models to suit your taste.

Bulova Ladies Diamond Watch

Wear a Bulova diamond on your wrist and watch eyes turn green with envy as they see the sparkle of your watch. It is sheer elegance, in a polished gold tone. Nicely complementing all evening attire, your Bulova Diamond watch will be the ideal accessory for your ensemble whenever you’re dining out in the best eateries.

The Bulova Diamond has a white dial, encrusted with 12 diamonds to mark the hours, as well as 3 more at each corner of the bezel. It has a quartz movement and is water resistant. New watches come with a 3 year warranty against any damage or malfunction.

Bulova Ladies Stainless Steel Watch

The Stainless Steel model from Bulova is another jewel in the brand’s crown, with a steel case matched by a stainless steel bracelet. This model too sports a white dial, but with mineral crystals that sparkle and shine. A Japanese quartz movement and a specially designed secure clasp are other features of this popular model.

It is crafted from the finest metal, which makes the timepiece light and comfortable to wear, while adding charm and oomph to the wearer.

Bulova Ladies Sports Watch

Part of the Marine Star series, the Bulova ladies sports watch is again finely crafted from the very best materials, and employs top class technology innovations to provide the ruggedness necessary for sports-women without compromising on the core tenets of style and fashion.

The clasp design is unique, and meant to hold the watch securely and prevent it from falling off during movements in sports activities. There’s also a buckle that can be deployed for extra security. The dial is of mother of pearl, and diamonds stud the bezel. It is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters, and weighs around 2 ounces.

Bulova ladies watches are unique, elegant and special. They will make you feel beautiful and adored, by combining stylish design with remarkable functionality.
And the range of models available, like Skagen and Baume, make sure that there’s something for every taste.