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Bulova Ladies Watches

Bulova TFX Watch – Vintage With Quality

The Bulova TFX Watch is a vintage model of the century old watch manufacturer who has gained market share through a fierce commitment to quality and design style, starting from the time in 1875 when its founder Joseph Bulova immigrated to New York City from Czechoslovakia to found a watch company.

Bulova has always been an innovative company. In 1941, they ran a radio ad for their brand, and ten years later, did a TV commercial for their watches too. And because of their continuing effort to stay ahead of the curve, they were purchased by Citizens Holding company in 2008, merging it into the world’s biggest watch manufacturer.

Many of the oldest Bulova watch models are true vintage timepieces, including the Bulova TFX watch. The company creates some amazing top watch models for men and women, across various styles. The most trendy might well by the vintage Bulova Accutron, at its time one of the most expensive timepieces, and one which sealed the reputation of the founder as a top class craftsman.

The imprinted Bulova TFX watch is a collection of stainless steel analog watches with silver face and square bezel made of silver. It is available for order with a customized message, or even your own custom printed logo. Pricing may vary depending upon this, so verify before you order your model.

Bulova delivers design and technology that today’s quality conscious customers are demanding, but does it at very affordable prices. There’s a vast range of alternatives, leaving you with a wide range of choice when it comes to style and features.

Vintage Bulova watches are internationally appreciated and in high demand among collectors. The stunning top of line models fetch high prices in auctions or private sales between avide collectors of the vintage watch maker. With varied models, with circular, square or triangular bezels as movement markers, it was for a while possible for collectors to alter the figures and create duplicates. But the most recent system, used since 1950, is based on a letter-number blend.

The letter provides the decade of manufacture – L=1950s, M=1960s and so on. The single number stands for the year within that decade, so L3 would mean 1953 was the year of production.

There are no doubt many vintage watch models in the market. But Bulova ladies watches are appealing, sturdy and a product of decades of matchless service, making them among the most desired among customers and collectors alike.

Bulova Pocket Watch – A Rare Collectible

From Bulova comes a pocket watch that’s a rare collectible. Ths men’s pocket watch and knife set has the classic Bulova style elements of refined lines in brushed and polished gold plate.

In 1874, Joseph Bulova started making watches in his small store in New York City. In 1911, the first pocket watches from Bulova Watch Company hit the streets, and quickly became very popular in America. The Bulova Pocket Watch was so popular by 1912 that Joseph had opened his first manufacturing plant in Switzerland just to produce components for these watches.

Pocket watches were replaced by wristwatches around the time of World War 1 primarily due to practicality than fashion. A Bulova Pocket Watch however was still coveted by many, and became popular in the 1920s again. Owning a Bulova pocket watch was often viewed as a symbol of elegance, style and fashion.

So what makes this watch so desirable?

The striking gold plated gloss is made of durable stainless steel. The Bulove pocket watch comes in a handsome round case, with a satin finished lid to protect the contents. The lid opens readily at the crown. A raised and polished gold bezel is around the ivory colored dial of mother of pearl.

The clock has a precise quartz movement, and the case is 42 mm in diameter, and 8.5 mm thick. It weighs around 6 ounces. The watch has a hook-buckle clasp to prevent accidental slipping and damage. It is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters.

Black sword hands sweep around the dial, displaying the seconds, minutes and hours. Arabic numerals mark the hours. There’s a window at the 3 o clock position which reveals a bilingual day and date calendar too. Attached to the watch is a gold plated chain that adds convenience and is attached on the other hand to the pocket knife.

Creating the perfect pocket watch was so important to Bulova that he actually constructed the Bulova Observatory in 1920 to aid with this. Skilled astronomists and mathematics experts were hired to measure various solar elements of time, and to convey this information to the watch makers in the interest of making the Bulova pocket watch the one that would be most accurate anywhere in the world.

Bulova went on to create even more innovations to make the pocket watch unbeatable and best in its class. It was the first watch where components were interchangeable across models, making repairs easy and inexpensive. The Bulova pocket watch is also known for being a gift to Stanley Harris from President Coolidge of USA in 1924.

Ideal as a gift for a husband or special man in your life, this 14K gold pocket watch can be engraved with a special message or serial numbers at extra cost. It is priced attractively to be a favorite gift choice.

Bulova Caravelle Ladies Watch – Poetic Elegance In Watch Design

A Bulova Caravelle Ladies Watch is truly a keep-sake, a timepiece that will be saved in the family treasures to be handed down generations as a heirloom. It is simply awesome in simplicity, design, style and elegance, not to mention being superlative in performance and durability.

Modern watches have different features. They not only display time, but also day, date, and some electronic watches include multiple other features. Bulova manufactures watches and clocks that are designing extravaganzas while including feature sets that leave most of its competitors in the dust.

Based in Woodside, New York, the company was founded by Joseph Bulova in the late nineteenth century. In 1923, it was re-incorporated as the Bulova Watch Company, and has flourished for over a century. With many innovations and achievements to its credit, the Bulova watch company has specialized in a line of ladies watches that make it one of the world leaders today.

The timepieces designed by Bulova are value for money works of art, delivering top class performance at very affordable prices. And the Bulova Caravelle Ladies Watch is one such example. Another is the Bulova Marine Star, a sporty watch with a casual look and feel, is shock and water proof.

The hallmark of a Bulova ladies watch is the gorgeous appearance and the sleek fit that makes it an ideal accessory for formal dinner dresses as well as more casual outings or even sports activities. The Bulova timepiece on a wrist adds zeal and verve to a lady’s appearance, making her special and unique even in a crowd.

There are some features of the unisex range that are common, and even present in the Bulova Caravelle Ladies Watch. A white dial inside a brushed stainless steel case, with matching bracelet (available in different styles) is complemented by diamond crystal embedded the bezel. A quartz movement and a unique secure clasp are other special features in a Bulova watch.

These remarkable features make this model a favorite among women, especially when they are looking for that “wow” factor to dazzle company at a party or event. The Bulova Caravelle Ladies watch has some uncommon extras including a Japanese quartz movement, gold tone steel case, silver tone indexes, bracelets in various styles and fashions, and mineral crystal displays.

Antique Bulova ladies watches are available in a range of prices. And you can order from the convenience of your home through online dealers who stock this product line. Also, if the cost of an original new Bulova watch is out of your budget, maybe a pre owned used watch will be more affordable.