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Calico Critters Luxury Townhome

For little girls, the idea of a dollhouse is perfection. Playing house is one of the first things that little girls do. Their dolls are a big part of their lives, and going into that make believe dream world of imagination is an important part of their development. The ideas that a girl can dream up while playing with her dollhouse are amazing.

Now, instead of just having fun with Barbie dolls, there is a new house in town called the Calico Critters Luxury Townhome. This four room, two story townhouse has plenty of space for a whole family of the cute little Calico Critters and their Cloverleaf Corner friends too! Available online or at local Toys ìRî Us stores, this set features a fantastic balcony and an outdoor patio. Of course, all Calico Critters need a great outdoor space to relax and entertain!

This is considered to be a luxury play set, and it certainly meets those standards. Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches,  this townhouse is considered to be the finest home in the Cloverleaf Corner Community. In fact, lights can be turned on and off in this residence. It also has a neat room divider that can be moved to create a whole new fifth bedroom to accommodate for guests or a new addition to the family.

In addition, the townhouse opens and closes to allow for a lot of decorating to be done. Little ones will definitely have hours of imaginative play fun. With its movable staircase and extra floor area, the home can be repositioned to add more space or create larger rooms. To add to the luxury, the home comes with other amenities such as chandelier pieces.

Retailing for under $90, this is the perfect toy to surprise the youngster in your life. Those Calico Critters can be expanded by also purchasing more figures and other accessories to add to the fun of playtime. In fact, you can add more families to the mix including rabbits and hedgehogs.

The Calico Critters line doesn’t end with this townhome. There are many other accessories you can purchase to create a whole town for your child. For instance, there is also the Calico Critters Cozy Cottaqe Starter Set, the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Corners Mainstreet Preschool and Calico Critters Cloverleaf manor which is the ultimate in dream homes featuring 9 rooms on three floors along with a balcony and rooftop patio!

LEGO Hogwarts Game

The Harry Potter phenomenon continues!  The LEGO Hogawarts game is the ideal gift for a child that they can use for years to come.  Here you have something interesting for the smaller fan who can use it as they grow and a board game that they can continue to use while they are young and even as they get older.

LEGO has done it again by combining the thrill and adventure of the Harry Potter saga with their famous building blocks.  Every child loves to stretch their imagination into creating their own masterpieces and now they can incorporate these beloved movie characters into their designs.

The building set includes 332 pieces that your child can use to construct the Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  There is a buildable LEGO die and, of course, there are a total of 9 microfigures of all your Harry Potter favorites.

The LEGO Hogwarts Game is designed for 2 to 4 players where players move their way from secret passages to moving staircases to find their way around the magical castle.  As you make your way through the different passages you have to collect homework from each class.  The first person to collect all their work and make it successfully back to the common room is the winner!

But donít forge that this is a magic school so get ready for witchcraft and sorcery to get in the way at every possible chance.  Add to that the fact that opponents can relocate staircases and create other obstacles for their foes to encounter adds to the excitement.   There is an endless combination of ways that opponents can thwart each other in their quest to be the top wizard.

Building the board game itself is fun and exciting for little ones, but then being able to play an actual game on it that is separate from the blocks is a great way to finish things off.  But donít let the fact that it is designed for children to fool you: adults will love the LEGO Hogwarts game, too!   This is not just a simple game to amuse kids.  It is complex enough to keep the parentís attention, as well.

One reason that parents love the game so much is that it helps to teach creativity and imagination together.  The game is not set in its premise so it can easily be adapted to be played any number of ways.

Parents especially love the LEGO Hogwart Game because it is so easy to store.  Everything fits easily into the box without the rigorous chore of having to be disassembled.  That makes it fun to get out without ruining the mood when it is time to put it away until next time.  The instructions are also easy to understand and play right along with other LEGO products.

Kids and parents everywhere are discovering the fun and excitement of the LEGO Hogwarts Game.  It is guaranteed to be a great addition to play time in homes everywhere!

Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Adventure is here and it has arrived in the form of the new Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft Board Game.   If you have loved the past products by the same name you are sure to love this one even more.

The great thing about this particular game is that it is not required that you be a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast. Even a novice will find this very interesting and entertaining. It is guaranteed that if you have never been introduced to this theme before you will quickly be hooked.

The game is designed to be played by 1 to 5 players and is at such an introductory level that even those without prior experience can jump in.  And the rules are so engaging and simplified that almost anyone of any reasonable age can enjoy it for what it has to offer.

The pretense of the game is about a dinner party being held by the Master of Ravenloft.
The object of the game is revealed as you transcend throughout the castle.  So, as you maneuver through its chambers and levels more of the castle is presented to you by the use of player tiles.  The tiles comprise the character cards, game boards and other areas such as coffins, status modifiers, etc.

But beware.  In the Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft Board Game danger lurks in the different parts of the castle and only the strongest and bravest of heroes will survive.  You will find yourself in the ultimate fight of good versus evil.

The fact that all of the play pieces are color-coordinated makes it much simpler to analyze the board at a glance.  Animals are colored brown, zombies and other members of the undead are white, and the spectral undead, such as ghosts, are a translucent blue.  As for the main characters, the villains are a devious and fitting dark gray while the heroes are a much lighter gray.  The color contrasting also makes it easier to locate specific groups that you may need to keep an eye on and to keep track of others.

For a refreshing twist, the manufacturer included a scenario booklet along with the rules booklet.  This allows you to choose the scenario that will, in essence, determine the conditions by which you can win the game.  It is also designed so that many different scenarios can be played together which can stretch the game out for a considerable amount of time, if you wish.

The new Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft Board Game has been a highly anticipated addition to the D & D franchise.  Many people have played it at conventions before the game was released and were so hooked on it that they simply could not wait for itís arrival.  Once you experience the thrill of the game you will soon see what all the excitement has been about.