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Monster High Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon doll set

They’re creepy and theyíre cute at the same time.  No, theyíre not relatives.  But they are the kids of some of the worldís most famous stories involving monsters and ghouls.  Theyíre the Monster High Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon doll set and they are destined to propel these creatures into a new realm of stardom!

These characters are just some of the individuals who attend the fictitious Monster High school.  The entire student body, as well as the entire staff, is made up of ghouls and monsters from different popular monster stories.

Cleo and Deuce are your average high school sweethearts except for one small difference: they are the offspring of monsters.  In fact, all of their friends are, too, and each one is sure to come with some interesting family stories.  These two lovebirds are the most popular couple in the entire school and at the same time they are the most fashionable, as well!

Cleoís dad is none other than the infamous Mummy while Deuceís famous mom is world renowned as Medusa herself.   Having that kind of family history has to put a little pressure on these two, on top of high school life in itself.  But you get more than just the happy couple.  Deuce brings along his pet rat, Perseus.  And what high school hunk would be caught without his signature cool shades?  Cleo comes complete with her slithering pet snake, Hissette, and every teenage girlís number one wardrobe necessity- her purse.

The Monster High Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon doll set are dressed in very trendy clothes and even have their own fabulous hair styles.  These two definitely set the trends in their school so fashion is of the utmost importance to them.  After all, they have a reputation to uphold!

The set also comes with 2 diaries, a brush to maintain those wonderful locks of monster hair and a stand to proudly display them in a room.  Your kid can journal the time they spend with their new found friends and all the cool experiences that you can have hanging out with famous kids.  Packaged together these teenage sensations make the cutest couple- as cute as monster kids can get!

The Monster High series was created by Mattel, who is world renowned for their extensive line of toys.  They have been known for decades as a leader in the toy manufacturing industry and always strive for the utmost professionalism in what they produce.  This has been reflected in the growing market share for their items.

The Monster High Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon doll set are part of the exciting new world of scary high school kids that is invading society.  They are setting the stage for a whirlwind of fashion and character creations that will be talked about by kids for a long, long time.

Sing A Ma Jigs

Toys that play music are always entertaining, but how about toys that harmonize and sing with one another?  Well now you have it.  Introducing the new singing sensations, the Sing a Ma Jigs!

The geniuses at Mattel have done it again!  They were first introduced at the New York Toy Fair in February of 2010 and have since taken the world by storm!  These are the most adorable and lovable characters that you child will not be able to get enough of.

The concept behind their ingenuity is unbelievable and has a unique freshness about it that parents will find appealing.  This is a new venture for stuffed toys and is has already experienced incredible sales throughout the globe.

These adorable little characters come to life in one of three unique ways.  First, they chatter by saying several different phrases simply by pressing their hand or touching their stomachs.  Or you can have them sing as individuals (they have the cutest voices)!  But their specialty is to harmonize with one another.   Once you get them going you will love the sound they make together.  And the quality of singing that they produce and the way that they incorporate it all together is truly amazing.

When you first see these little guys they are absolutely adorable.  When you press their hand or stomach their mouths open to reveal teeth and tongue and theyíre ready to communicate with your child.  They are hand sized little creatures perfect for being held by little hands and are stuffed and very colorful.  They come in a rainbow of colors including purple, orange, pink, teal, red and yellow.

Each one sings their own individual favorite song ranging from ìOn top of Old Smokeyî, ìOld Susannaî and ìSkip to my Louî, as well as other selections.  But the magic happens when they are all placed together and they form the most lovable singing group your child will ever hear.  With so many ways to enjoy them they will have difficulty deciding what they want to hear next!

Each singer has their own high or low pitch ranging from alto all the way down to baritone, and have their own scale which blends with the others perfectly.  They are recommended for children ages three and up so virtually all ages of kids will love to experience the rich, blended sound they produce.  Just line them up and they are ready to entertain!

Each Sing a Ma Jig character is unique in their appearance.  They are plush, cuddly and very colorful and each wears their own signature look in a zany, bright costume.  As soon as you take your first look at them you will see that they are off-beat and free-spirited.  You are sure to have no trouble distinguishing between the different ones.  Your kids will want these singing companions with them everywhere they go.  And there are more of these wonderful singers on the way soon!

Sing a Ma Jigs are a hot new creation that will have kids everywhere singing along with their new found friends.  This is a fantastic way to start the shopping season by bringing this musical ensemble into your home to teach your child about the joys of music and to help them learn about harmony and pitch.  They simply wonít be able to put them down!