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Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – Popularity Does Count

An ergonomic kneeling chair is much more than a fashion statement. Lately, for office-based consumers worried about preventing health problems, or looking to care for a bad back or joint condition, ergonomic chairs are the popular choice.

And no, it’s not a passing fad – no! NASA, the high-tech space exploration agency, has partnered with chair makers to come up with innovations in the field of ergnomic kneeling chair design and BodyBilt is designed an ergonomically-correct line of ‘control comfort office chairs.

Clients worldwide who love BodyBilt’s chairs find themselves the most impressed by the extensive choice of ‘seating solutions’ including ergonomic kneeling chairs.

For the average worker who is at his or her seat for prolonged periods of time, ergonomic design is more than fashion or luxury – it is a necessity. Sure, the pioneering design of a Herman Miller Aeron chair may be on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. But for the office worker, that isn’t important at all. What’s more popular is that the ergonomic design helps reduce backache, or prevent it completely.

Adjustability in height and armrest angle, along with tilt tension, seat pan angle, height, and other cool tweaks make an ergonomic kneeling chair a comfortable place to rest upon during the long, hard working day. One of the biggest advantages of a kneeling chair is that the body remains stress-free. No more muscle pain in the back, legs, neck and shoulders for chronic sufferers. The chair is designed for people without prior pain and aches, and forces you to adopt a healthy sitting posture.

A nice benefit from this is, even after prolonged sitting, you do not feel tired or fatigued the way you would if you sat hunched over, or on a hard bottom, or at the wrong height from your working space. This means you are more alert, energetic and therefore more productive at work, a fact that many employers are now waking up to, so that they no longer cringe at the thought of buying their workers costly chairs because they realize it pays-off in terms of increased productivity at work.

Ergonomic kneeling chair design helps those who suffer from lumbar pain and hip disorders or joint problems too. Chiropractors recommend such a seat for people they are called upon to treat, as it is a nice enhancement to the exercises and treatment they provide.

But this doesn’t mean that an ergonomic kneeling chair is good in every respect. There are some disadvantages too. For those with pre-existing joint and bone conditions, a physician might advice against using a kneeling chair. Sometimes, doing so can aggravate the condition. Also, a kneeling chair limits mobility. Your position is cramped by the knees being locked in to the knee cushions. And some models make your back hurt after prolonged sitting.

Your decision to get an ergonomic kneeling chair, therefore, is individual and unique. If it fits your working requirements and you have no health problem that precludes the use of one, buying an ergonomic office chair may well be the best decision you ever made. So choose wisely and save yourself from agony and suffering from backache.

Ergonomic Drafting Chair – Your Biggest Asset

Did you know that your ergonomic drafting chair could be your biggest asset?

Ergonomic drafting chairs are powerful business tools if only because they improve productivity by increasing comfort levels. Just the thought of having a custom designed chair that fits your body’s posture and position means that you are in a position of great comfort and freedom from pain.

It feels good doesn’t it?

Think about how much time at the office you end up sitting. Now think about how valuable a comfortable ergonomic drafting chair will be to you. It is an intricate part of your everyday work routine. It has character and is your comfort seat. Feeling good physically allows you to feel good mentally. You allow yourself better focus, more energy, and less stress, which means more productivity.

A good ergonomic drafting chair establishes your mood and your ability to react to others in your business environment in the best possible way because you are comfortable with how you feel. If your present chair is uncomfortable or even painful to work in, then you are not allowing yourself to operate at 100%. You are not feeling great physically and ultimately your work will suffer because you are losing energy, rhythmn, and focus.

There are thousands of ergonomic drafting chairs on the market and they can solve problems by delivering incredible benefits. There are chairs with deluxe leather, designer leather, high backs, low backs, smart swivels, pnuematic adjusters, gas lift seats, covered wood arms, 5 star bases, steel frames, smart floor casters, ergonomic designs, classic tufted designs, high class, middle class, budget class, heavy duty, light duty, made for men, and made for women.

Manufacturers have hundreds of custom design options available and have chairs made for just about any type of business environment including, office, home office, board rooms, break rooms, hospitality chairs, computer chairs, clean room chairs, industrial designs and custom designs. The possibilities are endless. There is even a “lazy boy” ergonomic drafting chair. (Who would use that?).

The big deal is to find the one that fits. You establish your budget, decide on your needs and wants and simply go shopping. Do you want ergonomic designs? Those are chairs that are designed to move with your body in a synergistic way keeping you well balanced, well circulated and well aware.

Do you spend long hours in your chair? Is fatigue an issue? Do you have physical limitations or trauma that needs to be addressed? Are you shopping for a long term solution or a short term solution? Do you have a need for speed in your chairs movement or do you sit in one spot the entire time? How can you enhance your business performance?

A good chair for working in, is as vital as a good mattress for sleeping in, or a good car for driving, or a good pair of shoes for walking. A good quality ergonomic drafting chair is vital for peak performance in your business.

Hag Balans Kneeling Chair – Amazing Design With Aesthetic Delight

In researching the topic of Hag Balans kneeling chairs, I came across some interesting data about how the right kind of kneeling chair can impact work, comfort and productivity. It is estimated that over 50 million workdays are lost per year due to back pain and back problems. 50 million days at 8 hours is 400 million man hours lost. If you apply an average wage of 12 dollars per hour, then companies are losing 4.8 billion dollars in productivity per year.

That is staggering! And so easily corrected by making the right choice of an office chair, such as selecting Hag Balans kneeling chair for the workers who need to overcome the stresses of remaining seated for the greater part of their work day.

Most back problems are related to improper posture and poor blood circulation. That is why there seems to be a big push for manufacturers to design more high quality, ergonomic designed chairs. And to be fair to them, chair designers have risen to the occasion, coming up with innovations that have lowered pain and strain for most office employees.

There are many chair makers who are vying in the marketplace for a share of the discerning buyer who seeks comfort at a fair price, and healthy design in favor of simply lowest cost. And among the many makers of ergonomic kneeling chairs, Hag is one of the best and most popular.

HAG is a leading manufacturer of high quality and ergonomically designed chairs for the business environment. They are a top supplier in the European and North American markets and have won many awards for design and appearance. Hag products like the Hag Balans kneeling chair have price ranges that fit all budgets, and their products solve almost all seating challenges in the business market.

Hag’s product development is based on four guiding principles and they work constantly to uphold these principles in every design they create. These principles are – dynamic ergonomics, environment, visual design, and quality. A recent innovation is the ability to custom design any product they make, including the Balans ergonomic kneeling chair. This means that you, as a client, can create your own visual pattern – and HAG will put that on your fabric choice. You can create anything you want.

The award winning HAG BALANS chair is the ultimate ergonomically designed working chair on the market. The BALANS, “latin for balance”, is a kneeling chair designed for optimal balance and circulation by working with your posture and hip placement. This chair is designed for serious comfort and productivity.

The HAG Balans kneeling chair is a totally adaptable seating solution that is not only ergonomic but also can be adjusted to any fit. This is a work horse design for HAG and is based on their four principles of product. Hag promises you a great chair and invites you to feel the “HAG Movement”. Their principles are guides to healthy, attractive, seating solutions and they create award winning products on a consistent basis.