How To Find Out Panerai Price For Your Favorite Models?

Genuine Panerai timepieces have caught the fancy and interest of watch enthusiasts for many years.

Be it a LeCoultre or Maurice, a Lacroix or Baume, a Mercier or Schaffhausen, or any of the 233 different models of Panerai watches, fans have been avidly following the news around prices, features and indeed celebrities who wear these engineering marvels.

Panerai Price Lists

Many Web based resources these days display relatively accurate, updated lists of Panerai price trends.

For instance, if you were to look for the 2010 Panerai price list, you’ll find one that’s updated upto July 2010. Here are some indicative prices, all in Euros.

A Panerai LUMINOR BASE LOGO (44MM) model retails for E2900, while a LUMINOR BASE (Titanium) is E3950. The Panerai RADIOMIR BLACK SEAL ceramic model (45mm) costs E5600, while the Panerai LUMINOR 1950 is more expensive at E9900.

Near the top of the heap is the Panerai RADIOMIR ORO ROSA, a 42 mm. craftsman’s delight, price E11,500.

Panerai Price Worldwide

What if you’re a Panerai afficinado, but live in the United States or Canada, and prefer to have your rates displayed in dollars instead?

There are catalogs which show you this information too – and here’s one culled from a list that’s current as of June 2010.

A Luminor Base steel Panerai (white dial) retails at $5,600. A Luminor Marina Logo steel timepiece costs $4,700. And the RADIOMIR ORO ROSA price equivalent is $17,400.

Arranged by Genre

Maybe you’re interested in the contemporary collection only. Here are some indicative prices of Panerai watches.

  • 1950 Flyback – $9,600
  • Marina 1950 – $7,400
  • 1950 Power Reserve – $9,950
  • Radiomir 10 Days – $14,800

And there are specialty watches organized in another catalog that will pop up with a simple Web search using your favorite engine – Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other.

  • Panerai watch – Tour Billion Titanium 50 mm. – $220,000
  • Panerai Radiomir Tour Billion Ceramica 48 mm. – $160,000
  • Panerai Luminor 1950 (Oro Rosa Tourbillion) – on demand

Even the exclusive special editions have prices listed on these hobbyist websites, giving the casual home surfer access to hitherto exclusive data at the click of a mouse.

For instance, the Panerai Radiomir composite model (Marina Militaire 8 Giorni) is priced at $14,900, while the Radiomir Regatta Titanium timepiece costs $17,900 for the 47 mm. model. A Mare Nostrum Panerai will set you back $37,300 if you buy it in July 2010.

Just about any model Panerai watch can be located online, if you do a simple search using the right terms. Go hunting for your favorite watch right now!