Panerai Radiomir Black Seal – Designer Watches for True Connoisseurs

Ever since Panerai watches were first made available to the general public in mid 1990’s, they have stolen the hearts of thousands of fans who drool over the possiblity of wearing one of these masterpieces.

The Panerai Radiomir Black Seal is ahead of the pack, with the most avid buyers happy to spend a small fortune on their chronometer timepiece.

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal – Set to Conquer

Typically well known for being reliable and sturdy, even under extreme conditions, the Panerai Radiomir is distinctive for its large size and being easy to read the dial even submerged under water. This was important considering that the core audience it was designed for were Navy officers and commandos.

However, we are no longer in the early part of the twentieth century. And today, watches which were once crafted specifically for the Royal Italian Navy are now being modified to fit more general needs.

A Cult Icon

The Radiomir was always a pack leader. Today, it has a cult following, with every one of the limited edition and specialty pieces becoming a collector’s item.

The strap itself of the Panerai Radiomir Black Seal is a piece of art, being welded to the case (or attached with a unique system of screws that is patented by the company). There are different models of the Radiomir collection available, each of them a craftsman’s delight.

The Panerai Radiomir Black Seal combines reliability with very sophisticated technology, into a marvellous mens watch. With a steel casing, a 45 mm dial, and two separate discs that are superimposed to create a uniquely 3 dimensional effect, the watch sports a dial that glows in the dark making it easy to read.

Black dials are a Radiomir tradition, and there are baton markers for hours, minutes, seconds and even a subdial for seconds at the 9 o clock position.

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Replicas

When an original timepiece will set you back a cool 6,000 pounds (or $7,800), there is enough room for copycats to step in – and so we have a thriving market of replicas. This isn’t unique to a Panerai, as we see the same happening with Cartier, Mont Blanc or other top brands. You can find a list of models available on the Web if you search for replica watches.

Near perfect Panerai replicas will give you an illusion of timeless luxury – at prices anyone can afford comofortably. These copies are made from high quality material, and you will definitely be getting a useful and precious watch, even if it cannot compare to the original. Still, if what matters is to be seen wearing a reasonable imitation of a top class watch, then a replica Radiomir may be a good choice.

Panerai PAM 90 – Jewel in the Crown

The stories are legend. An eager enthusiast approaches a local dealer – it may be in UK – to help get him a Panerai PAM 90 wristwatch. The dealer says he can promise nothing, but will try to help. Then, suddenly one day, out of the blue, a phone call informs him about a piece being available.

And excitement breaks the floodgates, as he rushes to view the delightful timepiece.

The Panerai PAM 90 Magic

Only 2,500 units were ever manufactured. That builds in value by making it a collectible – even before it sold the first one. As avid watch collectors know, a rarity is precious – and every Panerai is a rarity.

Unveiling a piece at the dealer is always an event. People gather around, curious to experience a part of the magic, even if only second-hand by watching someone else get their model.

And the Panerai PAM 90 does not fail to delight. The initial response is an awed thrill of amazement. No, there isn’t anything unique about the dial, the layout, or the presence of tiny additions like the wind indicator at the 6 o clock position. Most of this is obvious to any enthusiast from photographs of the model on websites or in a catalog.

The first glance at the ‘real thing’, however, is still a magical moment. Just like an IWC, Titanium Tourbillion, Invicta, Armani, Reloj or any other Swiss watch, the experience is to be seen to be believed.

What makes the Panerai PAM 90 special?

The Valjoux 7750 base movement co-ordinates all the various dials and elements, making possible a subtle design change that fits in with the regular Panerai style while still allowing major extra features to be implemented. The efficiency provided by the movement also brings down production costs by simplifying personalization, lowering the cost of warranties and even manufacturing cases.

It is also less susceptible to wear and tear, making the chronograph not only longer lasting, but also far easier to service and repair. Replacement is also less expensive, with parts costing roughly $250 to change.

How does the Panerai PAM compare with other models?

It’s nearly the same in size as the Marina. The one difference is that the back of the case protrudes a little more. This is so that it can fit the winding rotor. In most other respects, it is the typical Panerai – perfect finish, great case, lovely and elegant black dial, painted on a flush surface.

Like the Luminor, the markers on the dial are at 5 minute gaps. Non-luminous indicators mark out the minutes. All other design elements are the same as the Luminor or Marina.

The Panerai PAM 90 comes with an alligator skin watch band, but is also lined with soft leather. The strap, as always, is the best. The regular accessories are included – rubber strap, screw driver, wooden case, documentation and certificate.

So, is it worth the cost?

Panerai price is always a reflection of the value. The $3,500 which a Panerai PAM 90 costs is well worth paying for a stainless-stell masterpiece, a semi-exclusive luxury watch that’s the product of great craftsmanship from a leading brand.

Panerai Luminor Flyback 1950 – A Rare Collectible

Panerai Luminor Flyback 1950 chronometers are rarities today, which grace the shelves (or wrists) of wealthy enthusiasts who will go to any length to get their hands on one.

Panerai watches were first manufactured in Florence, Italy in the 1860s. Now, they are produced in Switzerland. Panerai chose to build their brand on two pillars – the reliability and technological excellence of the Swiss, and the design aesthetic sense of the Italians.

As a result, their creations are even today a marvel of creativity combined with technological superiority.

Panerai Luminar Flyback 1950

Panerais usually come in 40mm or 44 mm sizes. They are available on both straps and bracelets. While their Marina models are the simplest, they have chronographs and submersible models (ideal for diving).

Engraved on the back of each watch is the year of manufacture, and the total number of pieces crafted. This limit is what makes the older 1950 models a collectible today – and worth a lot of money.

500 Pieces of PAM 00253

The 1950 Flyback Regatta model only had 500 pieces made. This 44 mm water resistant model features 31 jewels and 42 hour power reserve. A brushed steel casing with see-through sapphire crystal, a black dial and sub-dials made of luminous material that glows in the dark, and rubber straps with carbon fiber pattern make this a delightful watch.

It is equipped with an automatic mecanical XIX movement and Cotes de Geneve decoration. There is a separate minute and seconds counter, along with chronograph push pieces symmetrically on each side. The personalized leather strap and polished steel buckle can be adjusted (you’re even given a steel screwdriver and a second interchangeable strap, in case you’re not happy with one).

Panerai Luminor Flyback 1950 is hard to find nowadays. You may be lucky to locate one on private auction sites, or on some Panerai watch reseller websites or used watch stores. Expect to pay around 6,500 Euros for one, if you can get it.

Guard Against Panerai Luminor Flyback 1950 Replicas

The biggest danger for non-experts is to get taken in by the numerous replicas that flood the online marketplace. Priced attractively at around $2,500, these can quickly fool the gullible and eager novice into parting with hard earned cash for a chance to wear a masterpiece around his wrist.

Sadly, though the replicas are nicely designed, they cannot hold a candle to the genuine article. So make sure you don’t fall victim to one of these scams and get a piece of junk instead of a work of art.

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