Panerai Luminor Daylight Chronograph – Sheer Delightful Style

Wearing a Panerai Luminor Daylight Chronograph is a way to make a statement. A fashion statement. But one that’s best suited for the rich and famous.

With a typical Panerai prices ranging from $2,500 to $14,000, this is not a typical wristwatch. Yet for those affectionate fans who can afford to splurge on such luxury, this is an irresistible temptation, in a different league from, say, a Mont Blanc or Nautilus, a Vacheron or Constantin.

History of the Panerai Chronograph

Originally from 1860s Italy, the Panerai Luminor is now manufactured in Switzerland. A philosophy rooted in reliability and style guides the crafting of these masterpieces. Each product that leaves the workshop reflects the harmony of creativity and technical talent.

Most models come in 40mm or 44mm sizes, and are worn on 90 Bell straps or bracelets. The simplest models are the Marina, though Chronographs like the Luminor and other submersible models are also popular.

Each piece is numbered on the back. Only limited quantities of the militaire model are manufactured every year.

Panerai – Historic, Collectibles

Grouped as ‘contemporary’ models and ‘collectible’ or special editions, Panerai often releases its models in series for men and women. The Luminor Chronograph is one such series. It is a contemporary model, a reflection of the innovation in style, function and aesthetics that the company strives to continue.

The unique features of the contemporary line are smaller cases, push Chronograph pieces incorporated into the device itself, and the use of titanium-steel alloys for the case design and bracelet links.

The Luminor Daylight Chronograph

Introduced first in the late 1990s, this series had 3 models. The Flyback and Rattrapente 112 models are uniquely different from the Daylight Chronometer, which is in a sense the jewel in the crown. Made entirely from AISI solid steel, this comes with a high precision chronograph. There are 3 counters, each reflecting a different measurement.

The dial is available in black and ivory colors. The strap is crocodile skin with a brushed steel bracelet. An adjustable steel buckle is attached to the strap with screws.

The watch is 44 mm in diameter. There’s not only a date corrector, but also a tachymeter scale. Sapphire crystal is integrated into the dial. The power reserve is 46 hours, and the watch is water resistant upto 100 meters.

Panerai Luminor – A Keepsake

The Daylight Chrono is a very special watch from a very special brand. Most owners wouldn’t part with it for anything. It’s a perfect blend of history, time keeping and design. If you have a Panerai, show it off. If you don’t, turn green with envy!