Panerai Submersible Time-pieces – Hand-Crafted Masterpieces Designed for Navy Commandos

The Panerai watch company, established in 1860 in Florence by Giovanni Panerai’s family, has produced precision timepieces for many decades. One of their early areas of specialization was to craft watches for the Italian Navy.

As a natural extension, soon afterwards Panerai got interested in making submersible watches for commandos. Even as early as in the mid-thirties, Panerai won exclusive deals with the army and navy. They provided watches, torches and even helped in targeting torpedo missiles using their technology and instrumentation knowledge.

Panerai Submersible Luminor and Marina Watches

As they worked closely with the Italian Navy and crafted watches for their marine commandoes, Panerai developed some impressive masterpieces in the submersible genre. They patented some of the breakthrough developments, giving them a competitive edge that other watch manufacturers could not match.

For many decades, these creations were exclusively provided to military and commando users. Only after 1993 were they made available to the general public at large.

Panerai Submersible Collectibles

First created during world war 2, the Radiomir was a Panerai submersible that used radium, while the Luminor used tritium. At the time, no other watch could meet their standards and they had a practical monopoly over the niche. Since then, they have been improved consistently and are even better today.

Exclusivity is a hallmark of these time-pieces. They are priced accordingly, with the top end models costing a small fortune. Regular buyers can probably only afford replicas, as the price of just one art piece could equal their lifetime earnings!

Panerai Radiomir Regatta Submersible

Designed with a brushed titanium case which is totally water resistant, this model can be used even at a depth of 100 meters. With a 42 hour power reserve, and decorations on the bridges, a black dial that glows in the dark, and minute/knot counters, this is a seaman’s delight. It offers split second chronometers and lets you calculate boat speed in nautical miles.

Shipped in a sapphire crystal case with a see-through back, and a black leather strap, this piece will set you back a cool 11,950 pounds Sterling!

Steel Panerai Radiomir Alarm GMT Submersible

This model is water resistant upto 30 meters and is officially certified for use by commandos and naval officers. It displays time, date, hours, minutes and seconds, with mechanical alarms provided. The black dial with luminous markers make it easy to read in the dark.

With a tan croc strap and a see-through back sapphire crystal case, this piece retails typically at nearly five thousand pounds.

At these prices, it’s no surprise that everyone who desires a Panerai submersible cannot afford to buy one. But to satisfy their craving, there are perfect Panerai replicas that will help you indulge your fancy – without breaking your wallet!