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Bulova Ladies Watches – Exquisite Art In Timepieces

Artfully hand-crafted, with crystal and diamonds embedded, Bulova ladies watches are designed to make a woman feel beautiful and special. The radiant smile on her face is in large part due to the timepiece she sports on her wrist. But to call Bulova Ladies Watches mere ‘time pieces’ would be unfair. In reality, they are treasured pieces of jewelry, fit to adorn the wrists of society women and celebrities.

Bulova watches are perfect for all ladies, of any age. They are comfortable, attractive and durable. Bulova ladies watches come in many different models to suit your taste.

Bulova Ladies Diamond Watch

Wear a Bulova diamond on your wrist and watch eyes turn green with envy as they see the sparkle of your watch. It is sheer elegance, in a polished gold tone. Nicely complementing all evening attire, your Bulova Diamond watch will be the ideal accessory for your ensemble whenever you’re dining out in the best eateries.

The Bulova Diamond has a white dial, encrusted with 12 diamonds to mark the hours, as well as 3 more at each corner of the bezel. It has a quartz movement and is water resistant. New watches come with a 3 year warranty against any damage or malfunction.

Bulova Ladies Stainless Steel Watch

The Stainless Steel model from Bulova is another jewel in the brand’s crown, with a steel case matched by a stainless steel bracelet. This model too sports a white dial, but with mineral crystals that sparkle and shine. A Japanese quartz movement and a specially designed secure clasp are other features of this popular model.

It is crafted from the finest metal, which makes the timepiece light and comfortable to wear, while adding charm and oomph to the wearer.

Bulova Ladies Sports Watch

Part of the Marine Star series, the Bulova ladies sports watch is again finely crafted from the very best materials, and employs top class technology innovations to provide the ruggedness necessary for sports-women without compromising on the core tenets of style and fashion.

The clasp design is unique, and meant to hold the watch securely and prevent it from falling off during movements in sports activities. There’s also a buckle that can be deployed for extra security. The dial is of mother of pearl, and diamonds stud the bezel. It is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters, and weighs around 2 ounces.

Bulova ladies watches are unique, elegant and special. They will make you feel beautiful and adored, by combining stylish design with remarkable functionality.
And the range of models available, like Skagen and Baume, make sure that there’s something for every taste.

Bulova Wrist Watch – Top of the Line

Way back in 1875, a Czech immigrant named Joesph Bulova opened a small jewellery store in New York. He pursued his passion for excellence, designing hand made watches for ladies and gents. The Bulova wrist watch legend was born.

As the fame of his creations grew, Joseph expanded his shop and company. Within 30 years, his range of timepieces was so famous that he opened manufacturing plants in Switzerland. A line of men’s watches quickly followed, with jewelled movements. And in 1924, Bulova wrist watch for ladies made its debut on the marketplace for luxury watches.

Joseph Bulova was a realy pioneer. He came up with breakthrough marketing concepts to sell his masterpiece creations. His was the first major watch manufacturing brand to run ads on the radio. And the company has always stayed ahead of the curve, embracing innovations in manufacturing the best Bulova wrist watch models while also adopting cutting edge marketing methods to sell them.

In 1941, they ran the first commercial on TV, and developed co-branding and marketing deals with military organizations including NASA. Timing devices like his Accutron were so accurate that Bulova’s services were eagerly sought in developing weapon delivery systems. The family heritage was carried on even after Bulova’s untimely death in 1935.

The twin assets of quality and brand consciousness were sustained by his heirs. While the Accutron headed the line of products, the company shortly diversified with electronic timepieces, being one of the leaders in this niche. A tuning fork was the brain of this device which was so accurate that the technology was a hit in mission critical applications including military and space exploration.

Many Bulova wrist watch models are for men, but there are popular models for ladies too, with lovely leather bands and studded with diamonds. Bulova was also unique for coming out with the unisex models which are suitable for both genders.

The Caravelle line of Bulova ladies watches came out in 1962, and is very affordable to a middle class buyer, in addition to being on sale at a discount from online retailers and used watch sellers. This doesn’t mean a compromise on quality or style, though. And Bulova gold watches are sleek top-of-the-line models in 18K gold and diamonds in the bezel, priced accordingly to appeal to the cream of the audience looking to buy a wrist watch.

A line called designer Bangle collection was designed exclusively for women, with bangle style bands for those who don’t like bracelet straps. The Crystal collection comes in a box with bracelet style watch and crystal pendents.

There are many other lines like the automatic Telluride that are hardy and more suited for rugged outdoors work, being durable and designed for men looking to make a statement through the way they dress and accessorize. The Bulova wrist watch is also special for having parts that are easily compatible across models, making repair work easier.

All said and done, the Bulova brand stands for quality, style and top crafting skill.

Bulova Watch Repair – Quick, Convenient and Inexpensive

In a world obsessed with the time, watch makers have pandered to every whim and desire, coming up with timepieces that are sophisticated, elegant and the ultimate in luxury and lifestyle. Bulova watch models are in this category, innovating and delighting clients for over a century with some breathtaking models and designs.

From the traditional wheel balance watches based on springs, to the quartz movement automatic watches, and now to pure digital timepieces, we’ve seen a lot of watches come and go. Each advance is better than the earlier one, but with one major problem still bugging many watch owners. If you need a Bulova watch repair, what to do?

The Bulova Watch company is seized by the impact a watch manufacturer can have on the audience if it makes repair work simple and inexpensive. While the company has acquired a reputation for luxury and precision, they have taken care not to price too high or make repairs too expensive for their target market, leaving them ahead of the pack when it comes to the market for luxury watches.

Joeseph Bulova launched the company on a modest scale, with a store in New York City. A Czech immigrant to the US, he worked hard on some excellent design innovations. Shortly, he gained public approval for the quality of his watches, and Bulova watches became a popular brand.

A plant was set up in Switzerland, in Bienne, to produce more of this classic brand of watches. The components were manufactured, and assembly lines put together the final jewelled movement. And this was way before the conventional wrist watch ever gained popularity in the general marketplace.

Around World War 1, the public interest in wearing watches on their wrist caught on, and the Bulova company got thousands of new clients. Tapping into this hot trend, Bulova designed watches specially for men and women, tying it into his natural love for designing jewelry, and making his timepieces works of art and beauty as well.

But watch repair is always an issue to deal with, and as his audience grew, Bulova found how his design innovation gave his brand an inherent edge over the competition. Bulova’s watch parts making precision system allows compatibility between any of its vast range of models. This means Bulova watch repair becomes simple, quick and inexpensive.

Repair people can use any part from any Bulova watch repair to fix any other model of watch. This was something not seen in other brands, and led to many buyers preferring a Bulova to any other brand.

The rest, as they say, is history. Bulova is today one of the best recognized brands of ladies and men’s watches. And it still is easy and a pleasure to have a Bulova watch repair done.