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Pillow Pets

Kids love to cuddle and snuggle, and the newest craze of Pillow Pets allow them to do just that. Ontel Products has combined the functionality of a pillow with the security of a stuffed animal by creating Pillow Pets. Kids can snuggle up with their favorite plush animal because it actually doubles as a real pillow!

Pillow Pets are foldable, snuggly creatures that are ready for a good cuddle during playtime, naptime or bedtime. Kids can quickly and easily convert these 18 inch fuzzy pals from a pillow to an animal by opening and closing a Velcro strap which is positioned across the animal’s belly.

There are dozens of different pets to choose from so every child should be able to find they favorite animal among the bunch. There are bears, puppies, lions, tigers, ladybugs, giraffes, unicorns and more. Everyone knows that kids love to cozy up with stuff animals. It makes them feel safe and secure. With Pillow Pets, kids can go to bed at night with a fuzzy pal who will make them feel comfortable.

One popular Pillow Pet is the lavender unicorn. With its soft and cuddly fur, this pet will help your little one go to sleep while having pleasant dreams. It is made of a super soft chenille material and can be washed in the gentle cycle. However, Pillow Pets should not be put into the dryer.

The Pillow Pets Panda is one of the most well loved of the bunch. It also measures 18 inches and has the velcro closure. These are great animals to take in the car on long road trips. Kids can have their favorite stuffed animal with them and still have the use of a pillow at their destination too.

Traveling is one of the best uses for Pillow Pets because they are comforting during long road trips or even on airplanes. They can also be of great use for children who have a hard time getting to sleep at night. There are always those kids who won’t stay in bed or feel scared at night time. With a trusted Pillow Pet, kids can feel snuggled up and safe in their beds.

Many kids have their favorite stuffed animal or blanket that they drag around everywhere. Pillow Pets will be one of those items that become their favorite thing. As with Webkinz and Beanie Babies, these pets are sure to become more and more collectible with each passing year. In fact, some adults are now getting in on the action by purchasing them for themselves!

There is no doubt that these unique Pillow Pets will be a hot item during the holiday season and beyond. Anything that makes kids happy and secure will always be a top seller!

Disney Pixar ìToy Story 3î Imaginext Tri-County Landfill

For those kids who love the ìToy Storyî movies, this toy will certainly be a great addition to the play room. If you have seen the final movie in the series, you will remember the landfill scene where all of the toys were almost incinerated. This Imaginext Tri-County Landfill will allow your kids to reenact that scene in many different ways each day.

The Tri-City Dump is where Buzz ends up being in horrible danger and has to escape with the help of his trusted friends.

There is no denying the immense popularity of the Disney Pixar ìToy Storyî films. The toys associated with the movies have also been very sought after for many years now. This newest one is sure to be a preferred choice this holiday season.

Just like in the movie, the toys can be picked up using the large scoop and then dumped into the sorter before landing on a conveyor belt which leads to an incinerator.  The toy features two inch scale versions of Buzz Lightyear, Lots-O’-Huggin’-Bear and three Aliens. Kids can plan their own action packed escape using the ìclawî or anything else that may spark in their unending imaginations.

One great feature in this toy is that it does not require any batteries to operate. It is suitable for kids ages 3 to 6 years old. Of course, older kids may also find it fun to act out scenes from the movie.

Customer reviews of the product have been great so far. Buyers have said that the product is made of very strong plastic without any sharp edges, so it is safe for smaller kids to enjoy as well. With all of the moving parts, kids will be entertained by the wide variety of action they can create.

Fisher Price is the maker of this toy, and they have a long history of providing only top quality toys. The Disney Pixar ìToy Story 3î Imaginext Tri-County Landfill is no exception to this rule. This one is a sure winner for the little boy or girl in your life!

Disney Princess & Me Dolls

The beauty of Disney princesses is unquestionable, and now JAKKS Pacific has created five finely crafted 18 inch dolls to showcase their amazing features. Disney Princess fans can imagine all of the royal adventures of Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana and Belle as they play with these wonderful reproductions. They are intended for princess enthusiasts from age 3 to age 8.

What’s so great about these dolls is that a little girl can choose the princess with whom she most identifies. She can then enter into a world of princess daydreams and tea parties. The dolls truly are works of art in their own right as they feature silky hair, gentle and sweet faces, signature gowns and, of course, tiaras.

Another great feature of these dolls is that a little girl can also purchase the same dress to match her doll. In fact, the dresses and matching ballet and sleepwear is sold separately so that a little girl can always match her doll’s ensemble. In fact, ball gowns are also being offered so that a little girl can totally match her doll’s dress for the big imaginary princess balls she will certainly attend. Each doll comes with an invitation to become a member of the Princess & Me Royal family.

The Cinderella doll is amazing with her amazingly designed dress which includes 3 layers. It has an under skirt in satin and features a glitter print peplum sparkle organza print. The bodice of the dress is velveteen with 2 tone organza on the sleeves. There is even intricate ruching on the front panel.  Aside from just her gorgeous clothing, this doll has the highest grade of glass eyes called Macor eyes. Her blue eyes have four different shades in her iris. Her hair is made of the finest rooted hair imported from Japan. Her skin is a matte porcelain finish and her tiara is dazzling with a high gloss metallic finish accented in rhinestones.

All of the dolls in this line are just as finely detailed, and all come with the official trust mark of the Disney Princess & Me line which is located on each doll’s foot. This doll is so popular that Toys ìRî Us recently named it as one of their ìFabulous 15î toys for the upcoming holiday season. It is thought that these dolls are perfect for older girls too because they are so into fashion. These dolls are meant to be like a ìfriendî to the girl, and of course friends want to look alike with their fashions!