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Pillow Pets

Kids love to cuddle and snuggle, and the newest craze of Pillow Pets allow them to do just that. Ontel Products has combined the functionality of a pillow with the security of a stuffed animal by creating Pillow Pets. Kids can snuggle up with their favorite plush animal because it actually doubles as a real pillow!

Pillow Pets are foldable, snuggly creatures that are ready for a good cuddle during playtime, naptime or bedtime. Kids can quickly and easily convert these 18 inch fuzzy pals from a pillow to an animal by opening and closing a Velcro strap which is positioned across the animal’s belly.

There are dozens of different pets to choose from so every child should be able to find they favorite animal among the bunch. There are bears, puppies, lions, tigers, ladybugs, giraffes, unicorns and more. Everyone knows that kids love to cozy up with stuff animals. It makes them feel safe and secure. With Pillow Pets, kids can go to bed at night with a fuzzy pal who will make them feel comfortable.

One popular Pillow Pet is the lavender unicorn. With its soft and cuddly fur, this pet will help your little one go to sleep while having pleasant dreams. It is made of a super soft chenille material and can be washed in the gentle cycle. However, Pillow Pets should not be put into the dryer.

The Pillow Pets Panda is one of the most well loved of the bunch. It also measures 18 inches and has the velcro closure. These are great animals to take in the car on long road trips. Kids can have their favorite stuffed animal with them and still have the use of a pillow at their destination too.

Traveling is one of the best uses for Pillow Pets because they are comforting during long road trips or even on airplanes. They can also be of great use for children who have a hard time getting to sleep at night. There are always those kids who won’t stay in bed or feel scared at night time. With a trusted Pillow Pet, kids can feel snuggled up and safe in their beds.

Many kids have their favorite stuffed animal or blanket that they drag around everywhere. Pillow Pets will be one of those items that become their favorite thing. As with Webkinz and Beanie Babies, these pets are sure to become more and more collectible with each passing year. In fact, some adults are now getting in on the action by purchasing them for themselves!

There is no doubt that these unique Pillow Pets will be a hot item during the holiday season and beyond. Anything that makes kids happy and secure will always be a top seller!