Who Needs An Ergonomic Kneeling Computer Chair?

An ergonomic kneeling chair lets you adopt a more correct posture especially in the lower back region, which is important when you work for long hours, such as at a computer. Regular chairs force you to keep your back at awkward angles, causing backache or stress injury if persisted with for a long time. An ergonomic kneeling computer chair can circumvent such a problem, and keep you comfortable and healthy while you focus on your work.

The kneeling chair mimics the standing posture, which is accomplished by tilting the seat forwards by an angle of thirty degrees. This moves the center of gravity to a position where stress on the spine and back is minimized. The spine is in “neutral” position, which is the one adopted during normal standing.

Ergonomic kneeling computer chairs also have a bar with knee pads to support the knees and prevent you from slipping off. Your legs are tucked away under your body, so that weight is not placed on the knees but is distributed to your shins, which are in turn cushioned by the knee pads.

While a kneeling chair is attractive to those with back ache and bad posture, it is less useful to those who suffer upper body discomfort while sitting for long periods. The chair does not have a backrest, for one, and you cannot lean back to relax. The shin splints are uncomfortable for some users, and getting out of the chair can be a problem if you need to keep moving from place to place in between tasks.

So now that we know who needs an ergonomic kneeling computer chair, let’s talk about going about buying one. Just as if you were buying a new car, you’ll want to test various makes and models of ergonomic kneeling computer chairs before deciding on the proper one. Never buy an office chair that you haven’t tried out beforehand. Remember, you’ll be spending a large number of your waking hours in this chair.

Make sure the chair provides adequate support. You’ll want to be able to adjust the height of the chair. Focus on chairs that provide overall back support and comfort. Developing back problems is a big problem with chairs that don’t offer adjustability. And back problems can stay with you a lifetime and affect everything you do in life, greatly affecting your quality of life.

When seated in the chair, your weight should be evenly distributed on the seat pan. You want what’s known as a rounded or waterfall edge for the seat front. This can help prevent cutting off circulation. You should be able to slide your fingers between your knees and the seat’s front edge.

Your ergonomic kneeling office chair must have a height adjustment. To align your posture properly your thighs should be horizontal to the ground while both feet are comfortably flat on the ground. Your wrists should be straight while typing on your computer keyboard. If you can’t find a height that allows both,you may want to find a way to alter the height of your keyboard so that you can have straight wrists while typing and your body is aligned properly with the chair and the floor.

Your chair must be stable. Serious and permanent injury can occur from an accidental fall and you must guard against it happening to you. Take this checklist with you when you go test “drive” ergonomic kneeling computer chairs. Make sure the one you select passes all these points and you’ll have a comfortable day at the office, one that will help you avoid potential problems from sitting in a chair all day.